The importance of owning quality and durable sofas

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A sofa doesn’t just have to be beautiful and comfortable, the quality that will determine its durability is also very important. So what’s the best way to differentiate a good model from a poor one?

The range of sofas is extremely wide, but not all are the same, and not only in aesthetic terms;  the materials used also vary. Quality solutions ensure performance and durability over time and, although the initial investment may be somewhat higher, the same will then be repaid with prolonged use over the years.

In fact, structures, fabrics and padding play a key role not only regarding the comfort of quality sofas and armchairs, or in terms of the aesthetics of these accessories, but quality materials will also guarantee their duration.

How to recognise a high quality sofa?

The question therefore arises spontaneously: how can I tell if a sofa is a quality one or not? Here, multiple factors come into play.

We now point out some elements to be evaluated:

  • How is the body made? A solid wood construction with dovetail joints guarantees a long life.
  • The suspension of the seat made with intertwined elastic belts at least 90 mm wide guarantees optimal flexibility.
  • The padding of the cushions, seat and back of a quality sofa must be made of polyurethane foam with a minimum density of 30 kg/m3, preferably with varying densities. For greater softness, a real goose down insert is ideal.
  • The removable cover is a fundamental element for the durability and sustainability of the product. The sofa in the fabric version must be removable and the availability of the covers must be guaranteed for at least 10 years.
  • Another very important element to be evaluated is the quality of the fabrics. The technical characteristics of the one being used are fundamental, in particular the composition of the fabric (the more natural the materials, the better they are) and for the duration, the resistance is measured in Martindale cycles (at least 20,000).
  • Get to know the manufacturer.
  • Never think in terms of cost, but always of value for money.

CTS Salotti: quality sofas and armchairs guaranteed for 10 years!

CTS Salottiis a Lombardy-based company known for the production of custom handcrafted sofas and armchairs. Made in Italy products created with quality raw materials, carefully chosen to guarantee a duration of at least 15 years.

The items offered by CTS Salotti represent a truly sustainable investment as when the customer decides to renew their sofa or armchair, all they need do is buy new covers with fabrics updated to the new design trends.

If you intend to buy a high quality and durable sofa or armchair, you should certainly choose one of the CTS Salotti proposals, which are customisable and handcrafted. No compromise in terms of aesthetics and comfort, instead, an added value that will make the chosen solution even more precious.


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