How to choose a sofa suited to your lifestyle

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One of the questions we are most often asked is how can I choose a sofa to suit my lifestyle?.

Sometimes it may seem obvious, but one particular model, although of quality, may not necessarily be suitable for everyone.  There are in fact several parameters to take into account and to think about.

Let’s start from the beginning, before we consider lifestyle, looking at comfort.

The concept of comfort can be subjective; in fact there are those who love larger seats, and those who like smaller ones, those who prefer voluminous padding to sink into and those who prefer more supportive ones. In short, each person, despite being assured of the quality of the product, can have completely different needs from those of others.

The lifestyle, habits, but also the property in question condition the choice, making it highly personalised and above all different from one person to the next.

5 factors to consider when choosing a sofa or armchair for the home

The parameters to be considered when choosing a handcrafted sofa, ideal to satisfy your needs, are the following:

  1. The space available, a factor that cannot be ignored. The maximum dimensions for the sofa or armchair must be respected. otherwise the complement cannot be positioned inside the living room, or, even if it were in some way to be installed, it would be excessively bulky, constricting ease of movement around the room. For these reasons, before proceeding with the purchase, but also only when choosing the model, it would be important to note the maximum dimensions available, in the specific length and width, also evaluating the possibility of opting for the addition of peninsulas and poufs.
  2. The members of the family, or at least, the number of people who visit the home and who often come over to watch a game or stop for a chat. Hence the choice of the number of seats and their ergonomics.
  3. Lifestyle habits If, for example, the house is filled with the presence of children or there are pets, it is advisable not only to choose a model of sofa that is resistant to knocks and bumps but one that is also fitted with removable and washable fabric. Also in the presence of the elderly or people with walking problems and muscle pain, particular attention must be paid to the ergonomics of the seat, as well as to the possible provision of a relaxation area. But it doesn’t end here.  We also need to reflect on the times when the sofa is being used, that is whether it’s more for situations of relaxing, which could therefore require larger and softer seats, for example with goose down insert, for chatting with friends or for smart working, therefore with more appropriate rigid and smaller size options.
  4. The context in which the handcrafted sofa will be inserted, taking into account the furnishings in the room and their style/design, possible curtains and their colours, in order to identify the upholstery fabric and the most suitable model that can coordinate perfectly with the surrounding environment.
  5. The shape of the sofa, which always needs to be evaluated on the basis of the space available. Here you can opt for linear and/or modular solutions with corner configuration, chaise-longue or other alternative.

Therefore, there are numerous parameters to be considered in the choice of the sofa and if you really wanted to buy the perfect solution that is able to fit perfectly into your living room, it might be beneficial to use a company that is skilled in creating customised solutions.

CTS Salotti creates the perfect sofa for your lifestyle!

CTS Salotti is a Lombardy-based company specialised in the design and production of handcrafted sofas. The peculiarity of the company is linked to the customised design, but also to the quality of the 100% made in Italy products.

Anyone seeking a quality sofa that is perfect to suit their lifestyle and needs will find in CTS Salotti a trusted partner to skilfully undertake the design of the most suitable model. From the size to the shape, from the model to the type of padding, without forgetting the choice of the material and colour of the upholstery: everything will be specially designed around the needs of the individual customer.

If you are looking for a contemporary design sofa that is able to reflect your lifestyle and meet your needs, be assured that you are in the right place!



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