Living room with a simple and elegant design: the CTS vision

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For CTS Salotti the sofa design must be simple and elegant and must perfectly blend in with the setting which is achieved through the aesthetics, with attention to every detail, but also through the care of the contours and raw materials used.

A living room must be comfortable and durable over time while also ensuring optimal and adequate seating. When it comes to aesthetics, each company has its own vision, and the CTS one provides a design that is elegant and functional, but above all liveable.

Why opt for simplicity and elegance in a living room? There are numerous reasons. To be beautiful, a sofa must be cared for, but above all designed to adapt to the setting and offer a tangible benefit. It must also be in harmony with the room, as well as being versatile; this is because you don’t change a sofa every day. The choice of a simple and elegant design will make the solution timeless and will always reflect the current trends, so the user never tires of or becomes bored with it.

While comfort should be the most important aspect, no less important is the appearance, therefore choosing something beautiful is no trivial task. In addition to the sofa, the choice of armchairs and coffee tables to be placed next to the sofa is also important, which must emphasise and maintain the elegance and simplicity embodied in the sofa.

Sofas with a simple and elegant design by CTS Salotti

The line of CTS handcrafted sofas includes multiple models with an extremely elegant but also simple design, easily adaptable in rooms with both modern and classic furnishings. This is thanks to the versatility of the accessories, designed by expert designers who skilfully identify the essence of this furniture and adapt it to the modern technologies.

Just some of the models that in CTS Salotti’s vision most identify elegance and simplicity are:

  • Capetownthe modern modular sofa, with a high visual impact, simple and versatile
  • Clayand Clay Square, essential and modern, but also extremely comfortable: the perfect combination of elegance and comfort
  • Flap, enveloping and refined, but above all timeless and the only one with an adjustable headrest.
  • Time, comfortable and enveloping, with a wooden base.
  • Fusion, characterised by a gently curved and sinuous line, perfect to being embraced in a paradise of comfort.
  • Bloom, the modular and versatile solution, with an extremely particular, refined backrest and unique contours

These are just some of the models of the CTS Salotti handcrafted sofas, those that are perhaps currently the most popular due to their versatility, elegance and functionality. In fact, the list would be much longer because the entire line of the company shares the feature of high-level performance, in addition to the proven quality of raw materials, padding and finishes.

Are you looking for an essential, elegant sofa with a unique design? The vision of CTS Salotti perfectly reflects these features!

Contact us now and we will help you create the perfect composition for your rooms.




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