Eco-sustainable and natural fabrics for sofas

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Image source: Limonta Interiors website

We have already highlighted the importance of sustainability for CTS Salotti and, starting from this aspect, it was our duty to dedicate space within our blog to eco-sustainable and natural fabrics for sofas.

For years, our company, a leader among sofa manufacturers in Brianza, has chosen to use suppliers capable of responding to the needs of the market with fabrics made with natural and environmentally sustainable raw materials. This is why we have also worked with Limonta 1893, with whom we have a ten-year partnership.

Since the foundation of CTS, this company, based in Costamasnaga, has been involved in creating furnishing fabrics for sofas and armchairs that guarantee high quality standards. In its interior division it has always paid attention to sustainability, not only of the finished-fabric product, but also of the processes that lead to its creation, offering us a truly unique solution.

The characteristics of the furnishing fabrics for eco-sustainable sofas used by CTS

What characterises the fabrics used by CTS for the upholstery of sofas? We have already stated that these are eco-sustainable products, but to better understand their value it is important to accompany this information with further details.

The fabrics used comply with the REACH regulation and with the international regulations on the use of chemicals.

The newest models are created using coloured regenerated fibres that come from leftovers of the knitwear packaging of fashion companies. The fact that these materials are already coloured represents an important ecological advantage as the dyeing process has a significant impact in environmental terms. Lastly, this choice avoids these materials having to be disposed of as waste.

The quality of these yarns is completely comparable to that of traditional fabrics, as it is not compromised. The knitted scraps are frayed to bring them to the fibrous state and at this point the dyed polyester staple is added which facilitates the reproduction of colour and helps to bind the regenerated fibres together. This was the starting point of the production of the finished yarn to be used for eco-sustainable and natural sofas.

This choice made by CTS not only results in the creation of fabrics with an aesthetic impact of value and high-level technical characteristics, but is also consistent with the sustainability strategy pursued by the company.

Anyone interested in purchasing eco-sustainable sofas can ask the CTS experts directly which are the regenerated fabrics that reflect these characteristics and are used in the various collections. By purchasing from this company you will have the reassurance of having chosen the best, the true benchmark among the producers of sofas in Brianza.

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