The pleasure of a sofa with personalised comfort

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What’s better that a customisable sofa or armchair that is able to guarantee the ultimate in terms of comfort? A comfortable seat specially designed according to our needs, as well as of proven quality? Everyone wants to find the perfect sofa or chair of their dreams where they can sit and relax, both mentally and physically, but few manage to do so easily.

“Convenience, ease; material comforts; the set of systems, installations, furnishings and accessories needed to make everyday life easy and organised” this is the definition of comfort, a word that often comes up in conversation where we talk about sofas and armchairs. From these words taken from the dictionary it is easy to understand how the concept of comfort is subjective, essential how it changes from person to person. What may be comfortable and practical for one person might not be so for someone else, so it becomes essential to be able to define your idea of comfort associated with sofas and armchairs by collaborating together with craft workers, experts in the sector.

Choose a bespoke sofa to enjoy the best in comfort.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, being comfortable is a subjective vision, which is why it is difficult, in this respect, to obtain the best by opting for standard and industrially produced sofas and armchairs.

So if you want a contemporary, quality piece of furniture, one that truly reflects what for us represents the maximum in terms of comfort, we should use companies that operate in the sector who are capable of realising our vision.

A sofa with personalised comfort will in fact be created around individual requests, with soft backs and seat cushions, with an additional, or not, insert in real goose down. In short, a customisable sofa encapsulates everything that for us are essential elements and measures.

Choosing to buy a piece of furniture, whether it is a customised sofa or armchair will in many ways be a huge advantage:

Qualitatively, as only first choice materials will be used, designed to last over time

Sustainability, the choice of a sofa that perfectly matches our concept of comfort will mean that it is unlikely we will need to replace it due to unsatisfactory performance but, instead, we can opt for removable covers, thus making it almost eternal

Comfort, thanks to the design aimed at meeting our specific requests and the relative ergonomic needs.

CTS Salotti: handcrafted and made in Italy sofas and armchairs.

CTS Salotti is a Lombardy-based company that is highly qualified in the creation of handcrafted sofas. The personalised design of these accessories, the guarantee of an exclusively Made in Italy product, the attention to the choice of only quality raw materials and the focus on sustainability make this company a point of reference in the sector.

Anyone seeking a modern living room sofa or chair which guarantees the maximum in terms of comfort, as well as a product intended to last over time while preserving its beautiful appearance, will find in CTS Salotti the ideal partner, the ideal company to create personalised and artisan proposals.

Never compromise on comfort or settle for simply standard models, the comfort of a sofa is essential not only to rediscover mental well-being, but also and above all for physical wellness, which CTS Salotti knows only too well!



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