Grace: the contemporary and classic armchair at the same time

Slight inclinations and gentle curves for a truly comfortable handcrafted armchair

Grace, design by the CTS technical department, is an armchair with a contemporary design characterised by slight inclinations and gentle curves, designed to give a classic but contemporary aesthetic at the same time.


What characterises Grace is the superior comfort typical of CTS handcrafted armchairs. A solution with a contemporary design but at the same time also classic due to the gentle curves and slight inclinations that characterise it.

lounge armchair with generous dimensions, perfect for moments of relaxation and reading spent in the living room.

The Grace modern design armchair and the pouf have a structure in pressed steel with cold-foamed polyurethane. The base can be fixed or swivel.

In the case of a fixed base, this can be made of wood or steel in the finishes indicated in the catalogue. Regarding the swivel version, it is only in any case possible to choose in steel with catalogue finishes.

Further technical information is contained in the downloadable data sheet.

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