How to create an original living room for your home

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What’s one of the greatest dilemmas of anyone preparing to furnish their home? How to create an original living room for your home, one that is able to ensure the best in terms of design and functionality.

Each house has its own characteristics in terms of size and as such they must be taken into consideration to then be able to decide on the most suitable modern living room furniture that ideally represents the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, designed to last over time and be the backdrop to those unforgettable moments of life.

Not simple furnishings placed almost randomly, but a series of items suitable to be combined with each other, to successfully create harmony and elegance, design and style. Each element will have to be studied down to the last detail in order to achieve the perfect original living room for your home.

The main furnishings of this room of the house include the sofa, armchair, coffee table and pouf. Often they are chosen randomly, without real logic, but only based on a sort of similarity that is not always grounded. It is instead important to choose combined and complementary solutions, with common elements capable of guaranteeing the maximum in terms of harmony and design. Different pieces of furniture that, when brought together, are able to create a unique and perfect space, but also with character and a strong personality.

From the distances between the three types of furniture to their design, colours and materials, all these details must be carefully thought out to be in perfect harmony with each other, actual complementary living room furnishings that fit together perfectly like the pieces of a puzzle.

CTS Salotti creates the perfect combination for your modern living room

CTS Salotti is a made in Italy company based in Lombardy and specialises in the design and production of handcrafted sofas, armchairs, poufs and coffee tables. Highly customised solutions, made with first choice materials capable of ensuring the maximum in terms of quality and durability.

The CTS Salotti lines are all customisable, including the sizes, and this company also offers typical compositions that coordinate sofa, armchair and related accessories. An example? The Time sofa model, welcoming, refined and extremely elegant, goes perfectly with the Time armchair of the same line and with the Charme living room coffee table with marble top. Another composition could instead be created with the Capetown sofa, the Jack armchair, the Domino round pouf and the Tape living room coffee table.

In short, anyone wishing to create a perfect living room both in terms of style and design, harmonious but above all comfortable, will find in CTS Salotti the ideal partner to work with, a company skilled in studying the best composition and truly able to enhance the setting.



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